Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q: How much will it cost? (How much does your company charge?)
    A: Upon being given the specifications and requirements of your project, (that is a
thorough description of what it is you want to have done), the number of hours it will take
to accomplish the task will be determined by us. The number of hours multiplied by our
hourly rate, which currently ranges from $45.00 to $65.00 depending on the skills
required, determines the total cost. This is usually the case unless other expenses are
required and approved by you, such as travel or other miscellaneous expenses.
   This proposal will be presented to you in Exhibit A, an attachment to the Product
Development Agreement, both awaiting your approval and signature before the work

2.  Q: When will it be done?
    A: Exhibit A specifies the Product Schedule and the Product Delivery dates.

3.  Q: What is the “Product”? (What will I receive?)
    A: Dabro’s Product consists of Computer Aided Design (CAD) dataset models and
associated dataset drawings with bills of materials setting forth all pertinent components,
assemblies and installations of the Client’s Product, according to the clients specifications
and requirements, and shall include the labor required to develop the design and
definition of the Client’s Product. Bills of materials shall be listed on sheet 1 of the
assembly or installation drawing. Component drawings will include components’  
material, stock size, weight, treatments and finishes in the title block on sheet 1 of the
drawing. Dabro’s deliverable product shall consist of: (i) compact disks with all the above
stated information stored on them, (ii) paper prints of the drawings, (iii) photo-realistic
renderings if appropriate.

4.  Q: I want my project prepared for patent application. How is confidentiality handled by
your company, whether or not I decide to hire you?
    A: Before any patentable information is sent to us for evaluation and contract
preparation, a signed and dated (by Gary Paul Dabrowski, President) Prospective
Product Development Agreement / Product Development Agreement will be sent to you
upon your request. You will have to send us the title and brief description of your project
to enable us to prepare it. Your confidentiality, patent rights, patent infringement issues,
proprietary information, trademarks, ownership and license rights are covered in the
   After you receive it, send us the specifications and requirements of your project so we
may be able to prepare and send you Exhibit A. If you decide to hire us sign Exhibit A
and the Prospective Product Development Agreement / Product Development Agreement,
make copies for yourself, and send them back to us. The work shall then commence!

  If you have any questions, please contact us.